Ronco CoverMe™ Hooded Polypropylene Coveralls

Ronco CoverMe™ Hooded Polypropylene Coveralls provide an effective, low-cost garment solution that protects against dry particulates such as dirt and dust in the workplace. They are lightweight, breathable, comfortable and can be used in a variety of settings such as hospitals, food processing plants and general industrial applications. With elastic wrists and ankles, they are comfortable and easy to don in industrial facilities or non-hazardous environmental management scenarios.

  • Breathable material for maximum comfort
  • Compliant for contact with food
  • Dry particulate protection
  • Elasticized sleeve offers full body protection
  • 50 gsm
  • Non-woven Polypropylene
Part NumberSizeColourQuantityPrice
44-140-S SmallWhiteCase/25$98.75
44-140-M MediumWhiteCase/25$98.75
44-140-L LargeWhiteCase/25$98.75
44-140-XL X-LargeWhiteCase/25$98.75
44-140-2XL 2X-LargeWhiteCase/25$98.75
44-140-3XL 3X-LargeWhiteCase/25$98.75
44-140-4XL 4X-LargeWhiteCase/25$102.16
44-140-5XL 5X-LargeWhiteCase/25$102.16
44-145-S SmallBlueCase/25$102.02
44-145-M MediumBlueCase/25$102.02
44-145-L LargeBlueCase/25$102.02
44-145-XL X-LargeBlueCase/25$102.02
44-145-2XL 2X-LargeBlueCase/25$102.02
44-145-3XL 3X-LargeBlueCase/25$102.02
44-145-4XL 4X-LargeBlueCase/25$105.55
44-145-5XL 5X-LargeBlueCase/25$105.55