Ohaus Frontier™ 5000 Rotors - 83041009

Ohaus Frontier™ 5000 Rotors extend the functionality of Frontier centrifuges by increasing the number of tubes of varied types and sizes that can be used in conjunction with each of the centrifuge models. Easy to clean and operate, the rotors are durably constructed to withstand demanding centrifugation.

  • Choose from a range of rotors to be used with Frontier centrifuges to match capacities and flexibility required for your basic to high-performance sample preparation needs.
  • Designed with usability in mind, the Frontier rotors can be effortlessly installed or removed in a few quick and simple steps, and users have easy access to the samples.
  • The sturdy rotors are constructed of high-quality materials, built to last through demanding workflows from autoclave sterilization to sub-zero temperature.

Compatible with Model FC5306:

R-A4xPCR/6, R-A8x2/6M.

Compatible with Model FC5513:

R-A4XPCR/14M, R-A18X2/14MSR-A24X2/13MB, R-A24X2/13M, R-A24XCAP/13M.

Compatible with Model FC5515 and FC5515R:

R-A24X2/15MBR-A24X2/13M, R-A30x2/13MS, R-A44X2/15M, R-A4XPCR/15M, R-A12x5/14MS.

 Compatible with Model FC5706:

R-A6x50/6M, R-A12x15/6M, R-S6X5/4M.

 Compatible with Model FC5707:

R-A-4X50OR15/7M, R-A8x15/7M.

Compatible with Model FC5513:

R-A4XPCR/14M, R-A18X2/14MS, R-A24X2/13MB, R-A24X2/13M,R-A24XCAP/13M.

Compatible with Model FC5306:

R-A4xPCR/6, R-A8x2/6M.

Compatible with Model FC5714:

R-A30X2/20MIS,  R-A12x15/6MI, R-A30x15/4MI, R-A6x50/6MI, R-S6xMTP/4MI, R-S4X145/4MI, R-S4x100/5MIS, R-A24X2/16MIB.

Compatible with Model FC5718:

R-A12X2/30MI, R-A30X2/20MIS, R-A44X2/16MI, R-A4XPCR/15MI, R-A20X10/16MI, R-A12x15/6MI, R-A30x15/4MI, R-A6X50/21MI, R-A6x50/6MI, R-A10x50/10MI, R-A4X85/20MI, R-A6x85/13MI, R-A6x85/14MI, R-S6xMTP/4MI, R-S4X145/4MI, R-S4x100/5MIS, R-A64x0.5/13I, R-A24X2/16MIB.

Compatible with Model FC5816:

R-A44X2/16MI, R-A20X10/16MI, R-A30x15/4MI, R-A6X50/21MI, R-A10x50/10MI, R-A4X85/20MI, R-A6x85/13MI, R-A6X250/10MI, R-S16x50/4MI, R-S6xMTP/4MI, R-S4X290/4MI, R-A24X2/16MIB. 

Compatible with Model FC5916:

R-A30X2/20MIS, R-A44X2/16MI, R-A4XPCR/15MI, R-A20X10/16MI, R-A6X50/21MI, R-A10x50/10MI, R-A4X85/20MI, R-A6x85/13MI,R-A6X250/10MI, R-S4X500/8MI, R-S6xMTP/4MI, R-S4X750/4MIS, R-A24X2/16MIB.

Part number: 83041009
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Model :R-A-4X50OR15/7M
For Use With :FC5707
Capacity :4 x 50 ml RB/FA or 15 ml RB/FA
Type :Angle, 30°