Ohaus Frontier™ 5000 Series Multi Pro Multipurpose Centrifuges

Ohaus Frontier™ 5000 Series Multi Pro Multipurpose Centrifuges are designed for universal use in multiple applications in research, industrial, and clinical laboratories and can be combined with our range of rotors and accessories for customized use. Available in 11 models with capacities from 0.2 ml to 4 × 1000 ml - and feature high-speed performance at maximum volume, automatic rotor identification and safety features. 

  • Our multi-purpose centrifuges offer a high-speed centrifugation platform which can be customized to fit workflow needs using a wide variety of rotors and accessories.
  • The intuitive design of the centrifuges and accessories enables easy access to parameter settings and quick rotation between applications. Features include automatic rotor recognition and backlit LCD.
  • The performance of these centrifuges is propelled by German engineering and high quality components for reliable use. Constructed from chemical-resistant stainless steel to ensure durability in lab use.

See Ohaus Frontier™ 5000 Rotors for compatible rotors with these models.

Part NumberModelSpeed RangeMaximum RCFMaximum Capacity (Rotor)Noise LevelPrice
30314811 FC5714200 rpm to 14,000 rpm18,624 x g4 x 100 ml≤ 63 ±2 dB(A)$4,235.00
30314813 FC5718200 rpm to 18,000 rpm23,542 x g4 x 100 ml≤ 60 ±2 dB(A)$6,437.20
30314817 FC5816200 rpm to 15,000 rpm21,379 x g6 x 250 ml≤ 61 ±2 dB(A)$7,393.10
30553037 FC5916200 rpm to 16,000 rpm24,325 x g4 x 750 ml≤ 63 ±2 dB(A)$9,642.60