Hygiena ZymoSnap ALP Pasteurization Test Swabs

Hygiena ZymoSnap ALP Pasteurization Test Swabs measure alkaline phosphatase activity in dairy products to verify pasteurization. Clear definitive results avoid delays and additional costs of retesting as seen with other ALP test methods. ZymoSnap has been validated for various types of milk, flavored milk, creams, and more. Get rapid results in 5 minutes.

All-in-One Test
Simple, rapid tests based on detection of enzyme activity
Includes a pre-moistened swab, liquid-stable reagent, and patented Snap-Valve technology in a single device.

Compatible with EnSURE Touch
Collect data using Hygiena EnSURE™ Touch Hygiene Monitoring System and analyze in SureTrend.
Single system to capture, quantitate, analyze and trend data allows optimization of your EM program.

Rapid Results
Results in 5 minutes.
Allows rapid verification of pasteurization efficiency to ensure safety and quality.

Regulatory Compliant
Validated to detect below 350 mU/L of ALP.
Ensures food products meet regulatory standards for pasteurization, allowing rapid product release and cost savings.

Large Sample Throughput
Batch 35 tests together with the Hygiena® incubator and heating block. Simply collect your samples and incubate them in one pass.

ZymoSnap Positive Control Kit
ZymoSnap Positive Control Kit validates the performance of ZymoSnap ALP pasteurization verification test. It includes 5 vials of 350 mU/L ALP for positive control testing.

Part NumberDescriptionPrice
ZS-ALP-100 Hygiena ZymoSnap ALP Pasteurization Test Swabs$357.46
ZS-ALP-PC Hygiena ZymoSnap Positive Control Kit$341.83