Globe Scientific Diamond PureFlow Vacuum Filter Systems

Globe Scientific Diamond PureFlow Vacuum Filter Systems provide high-quality, cost-effective options for large volume filtration needs.

  • Systems are offered in multiple configurations and in sizes from 150 ml up to 1000 ml
  • Full systems include the filter unit, solution bottle, and sterile bottle cap
  • Bottle top filter units fit Diamond® PureFlow™ solution bottles or other laboratory media bottles with GL45 threads
  • Molded from virgin USP Class VI polystyrene (PS) and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)

Low protein binding Polyether Sulfone (PES) membranes make Diamond PureFlow™ vacuum filters perfect for clarification, separation, or sterilization of aqueous solutions including cell culture media, biological samples, and laboratory reagents. Filter membranes are available in 0.10 uL, 0.22 uL and 0.45 uL porosities to meet the requirements of most applications. Membrane and porosity are clearly marked on each filter unit.

Engineered with laboratory efficiency and safety in mind, Diamond PureFlow vacuum filter systems include a multi-step, angled hose barb that accepts multiple sizes of vacuum lines while keeping the system stable on the benchtop. Graduation markings are included on both the filter unit and solution bottle for easy reference during and after filtration operations. 

Part NumberPore SizeCapacityDiameterQuantityPrice
VF-FS-PES-0150-10 0.10 µm150 ml50 mmCase/12$214.50
VF-FS-PES-0250-10 0.10 µm250 ml50 mmCase/12$271.50
VF-FS-PES-0500-10 0.10 µm500 ml75 mmCase/12$372.00
VF-FS-PES-1000-10 0.10 µm1000 ml90 mmCase/12$504.00
VF-FS-PES-0150-22 0.22 µm150 ml50 mmCase/12$196.50
VF-FS-PES-0250-22 0.22 µm250 ml50 mmCase/12$235.50
VF-FS-PES-0500-22 0.22 µm500 ml75 mmCase/12$321.00
VF-FS-PES-1000-22 0.22 µm1000 ml90 mmCase/12$444.00
VF-FS-PES-0150-45 0.45 µm150 ml50 mmCase/12$196.50
VF-FS-PES-0250-45 0.45 µm250 ml50 mmCase/12$235.00
VF-FS-PES-0500-45 0.45 µm500 ml75 mmCase/12$321.00
VF-FS-PES-1000-45 0.45 µm1000 ml90 mmCase/12$444.00