Globe Scientific Diamond PureFlow Bottle Top Filters - VF-BT-PES-0150-22

Globe Scientific Diamond PureFlow Bottle Top Filters are essential components in large volume filtration, seamlessly fitting onto Diamond PureFlow solution bottles or other laboratory media bottles with GL45 threads. These top filters are available in multiple configurations, ensuring compatibility and flexibility across a wide range of laboratory applications.

  • High-Efficiency Filtration: Utilizes a vacuum pump to deliver differential pressure, ensuring efficient and precise filtration of tissue cultures and laboratory solutions.
  • Versatile Membrane Options: Equipped with PES membranes available in multiple pore sizes (0.10 μm, 0.22 μm, 0.45 μm) to meet various filtration needs.
  • USP Class VI Compliant: Meets rigorous USP Class VI standards for precision and safety in medical and laboratory applications.
  • Clear Measurement Markings: Features clearly marked graduations for accurate measurement and easy visibility, enhancing user convenience and accuracy.

Featuring low protein binding Polyether Sulfone (PES) membranes, Diamond PureFlow bottle top filters are ideal for the clarification, separation, or sterilization of aqueous solutions, including cell culture media, biological samples, and laboratory reagents. Each filter unit is clearly marked with its membrane type and porosity, aiding in straightforward identification and selection.

Engineered for maximum laboratory efficiency and safety, these filter units include a multi-step, angled hose barb that accommodates multiple sizes of vacuum lines, ensuring stability on the benchtop during use. The units are crafted from high-quality virgin USP Class VI polystyrene (PS) and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), materials known for their durability and chemical resistance, which contribute to the overall reliability and performance of the filtration process.


Part number: VF-BT-PES-0150-22
Attribute nameAttribute value


Capacity :150 ml
Pore Size :0.22 µm
Diameter :50 mm
Quantity :Case/24