World BioProducts Veriswab™ Sampling Swabs - VS-10NB

World BioProducts Veriswab™ Sampling Swabs are ideal for collecting samples from small areas with limited access such as cracks, crevices, and areas with small openings. Veriswab includes a 16x100 mm polypropylene tube and screw cap with an attached Dacron-tipped swab on a high visibility blue shaft. The tube has a flat base that sits stably on a solid surface while a sample is being collected.​ Choose from multiple media and fill volume options to address common sampling regimes. 

  • Dacron tipped swab with highly visible blue shaft
  • Ideal for sampling cracks and crevices, and surface areas of approximately 100 cm2
  • Flat base for stability and conical bottom for vortexing sample to facilitate release of cells from swab
  • White write-on area to clearly record sample identification
  • Available pre-hydrated with various collection solutions
  • Terminally gamma irradiated for sterility

Neutralizing Buffer

  • All components are listed in EAFUS, with the exception of aryl sulfonate complex
  • Aryl sulfonate complex is considered by the supplier to conform to FDA 21CFR175.105 (Adhesives), 21CFR175.300 (Resinous and Polymeric Coatings), 21CFR175.170 (Components of Paper, Paperboard in Contact with Aqueous and Fatty Food), 21CFR175.180 (Components of Paper, Paperboard in Contact with Dry Food), 21CFR175.1210 (Closures with Sealing Gaskets for Food Containers)
Part number: VS-10NB
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Formulation :Neutralizing Buffer
Shelf Life :24 Months
Volume :10 ml
Quantity :Pack/100