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World Bioproducts FlipRight™ Prefilled Vials

World Bioproducts FlipRight™ Prefilled Vials ready-to-use 9 ml and 10 ml fill volumes for simple serial dilutions or hydrating sponges.

World Bioproducts FlipRight™ Prefilled Vials combine the best of innovation and practicality. The lockdown tab with the unique lever design makes FlipRight™ one of the most secure and easy to open tubes or vials available.  Designed to be easily opened with either one or two hands, the FlipRight™ Vial is perfectly suited for use in microbiology laboratories. They are ideal for a variety of applications including performing serial dilutions, growing cultures, or as a convenient source of pre-measured media for hydrating sponges.

  • Patented lockdown tab secures lid during shipping
  • Large, lever-style tab allows for easy, aseptic opening
  • Vials display 1 ml graduation marks up to 12 ml
  • Perfect for serial dilutions or growing cultures
  • ​Pre-measured media for hydrating sponges
  • 15mm diameter x 95 mm height recyclable polypropylene vial
  • Terminally gamma-irradiated for sterility
Part NumberFormulationVolumeQuantityPrice
FRV-9BFD Butterfield’s Phosphate Buffer9 mlCase/100$122.55
FRV-10BFD Butterfield’s Phosphate Buffer10 mlCase/100$122.55
FRV-9BPW Buffered Peptone Water9 mlCase/100$126.37
FRV-10BPW Buffered Peptone Water10 mlCase/100$125.48
FRV-9LET Letheen Broth9 mlCase/100$131.91
FRV-10LET Letheen Broth10 mlCase/100$131.91
FRV-9DE D/E Neutralizing Broth9 mlCase/100$130.18