Whirl-Pak® PolyProbe™ Surface Samplers

Whirl-Pak® PolyProbe™ Surface Samplers make environmental surface sampling faster and easier. Our durable high-density polyurethane sponge is ready to use and resists tearing and fraying. 

  • Each sponge is packed in a sterile, sealed write-on bag with your option of a dry or hydrated sponge
  • Hydrated with 10 ml of HiCap™ Neutralizing Broth
  • Box contains four foil pouches with 25 sponges each
  • Whirl-Pak bags can be frozen to any temperature
  • All sterile closure Whirl-Pak bags are R-NASE, D-NASE, Pyrogen and BPH free; our bags also comply with regulatory and industrial requirements of USDA, FDA, HACCP and EPA.

To use:

  • Tear open the top of the bag
  • Squeeze out any excess neutralizing broth
  • Swab the surface
  • Insert the sponge back into the bag and, while holding the sponge from the outside, unscrew the handle and discard
  • Drop the sponge into the bag, fold the top of the bag over three or more times, bend in the wire tabs to close, and send to a lab for testing
Part NumberStyleCapacityDimensions W x HThicknessQuantityPrice
B01592WA Hydrated24 oz / 710 ml6" x 9" / 15 x 23 cm2.5 milPack/100$420.35
B01613WA Dry24 oz / 710 ml6" x 9" / 15 x 23 cm2.5 milPack/100$367.75