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Sterlitech Polyethersulfone (PES) Syringe Filter

Sterlitech Polyethersulfone (PES) Syringe Filters are hydrophilic and low binding, which results in high throughputs when these small filter devices are used to sterilize or clarify viscous proteinaceous solutions. Specifically designed for the filtering and clarifying of aqueous solutions, these non-sterile PES syringe filters should be used whenever low binding and low extractables are required, especially in the sterilization of biological fluids, serum or tissue culture media additives.

  • Female Luer Lok inlet, male slip outlet
  • Hydrophilic
  • High porosity asymmetric pore structure
  • Intrinsically low protein binding
  • Exceptional compatibility with acids, bases, and oxidizer

Applications include:

  • Clarification of protein laden solutions
  • Sterilization of food sciences, life sciences and biopharmaceutical solution
  • Filtration of fluids with high particle loads
  • Processing immunoassay and nucleic acid hybridization samples
Part NumberPore SizeDiameterSterilityQuantityPrice
1470353 0.22 µm13 mmNon-SterilePack/100$114.78
1470355 0.22 µm17 mmNon-SterilePack/100$148.05
1470357 0.22 µm25 mmNon-SterilePack/100$107.13
PES022550S 0.22 µm25 mmSterilePack/50$128.19
1470359 0.22 µm30 mmNon-SterilePack/100$163.01
1470354 0.45 µm13 mmNon-SterilePack/100$114.78
1470356 0.45 µm17 mmNon-SterilePack/100$148.05
1470358 0.45 µm25 mmNon-SterilePack/100$107.13
PES452550S 0.45 µm25 mmSterilePack/50$128.19
1470360 0.45 µm30 mmNon-SterilePack/100$163.01
PES082550S 0.8 µm25 mmSterilePack/50$128.19