Ronco CoverMe™ Polyurethane Sleeves

Ronco CoverMe™ Polyurethane Sleeves are 18 inches in length with elasticized ends for complete forearm coverage in any number of production, assembly or general manufacturing environments. This premium weight washable sleeve offers excellent protection against liquids, chemicals, acids, oils, fuels, solvents, snags, punctures or abrasions. Polyurethane has a longer life and stretches more than conventional vinyl or polyethylene. These sleeves are seamless to prevent baterial and dirt traps in clean environments. They are CFIA accepted in a variety of colours for food processing facilities that maintain HACCP compliance.

  • Reusable seamless sleeves
  • Chemical / Solvent Resistance – Moderate
  • Compliant for contact with food
  • Abrasion / Snag / Tear Resistance
  • 5.5 mil thickness
  • Die cut and seamless to elminate bacteria and dirt traps
Part NumberLengthColourQuantityPrice
39-368W 18"WhiteCase/96$206.80
39-368B 18"BlueCase/96$206.80
39-368Y 18"YellowCase/96$206.80