Quincy Lab Analog Forced Air Ovens

Quincy Lab Analog Forced Air Ovens offer forced air circulation allowing for a more uniform distribution of heat throughout the chamber, which also facilitates evaporating. They are designed to meet the laboratory needs of industry, research organizations and schools. Well-crafted and versatile, they are used for part drying, baking, curing, sterilizing, evaporating, heat treating, annealing, and testing, as well as many more applications.

  • Circulating fan provides air circulation for improved uniformity
  • Bi-metal thermostat (10AF) or hydraulic thermostat (20AF, 30AF & 40AF)
  • Accuracy of ±3°C
  • Over-temperature safety alarm which will shut the unit off in the event of a runaway condition until oven is manually reset
  • Corrosion resistant aluminized interior
  • Resistive-tubular incoloy heating elements
  • 1" inch of high density mineral wool insulation
  • Insulated steel doors with high impact thermoplastic handles
  • 2 adjustable and 1 fixed nickel plated shelves
  • Baked in scratch-resistant powder coated finish
  • 24 month factory warranty

Advanced Design

Cabinets are as attractive as they are durable. Exteriors are painted light gray and have a hard, scratch-resistant hammer finish. Doors open with high-impact thermoplastic handles. Cabinets have heavy steel double-wall construction. Workspace is insulated from the outer cabinet with one inch of high-density mineral wool, and interiors are made of corrosion-resistant aluminized steel.


Quincy Lab uses quality UL and CSA recognized components in all ovens. The control panel is equipped with an illuminated ON/OFF rocker switch and a heat-cycle pilot light. Temperature is controlled by automatic hydraulic or a bimetal thermostat (10GC only). Hydraulic models offer convenient temperature dial markings in both centigrade and Fahrenheit.

Heating Elements

Energy-efficient, low-watt density incoloy sheathed elements are engineered into a compact design for quick run-up and recovery times. Temperature uniformity is greatly improved by a perforated heat shield which absorbs radiant heat and distributes it more evenly.

Part NumberCapacityInternal Dimensions LxWxHMaximum TemperaturePrice
10AF 0.6 Cubic Feet12" x 8.25" x 10" (30.5 x 21 x 25.4 cm)232°C (450°C)$1,134.00
20AF 1.14 Cubic Feet13"x 11" x 13" (33 x 28 x 33 cm)232°C (450°C)$1,346.40
30AF 1.83 Cubic Feet18" x 14.2" x 12" (45.7 x 36 x 30.5 cm)232°C (450°C)$1,556.40
40AF 2.86 Cubic Feet18" x 19.8" x 14" ( 45.7 x 50.3 x 35.6 cm)232°C (450°C)$2,190.18