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Ohaus Starter Conductivity Probes - 30468962


Backed by our commitment to accurate and precise measurement, Ohaus Starter Conductivity Probes are designed to produce exact results time and time again.

The STCON3 utilizes the 4-ring potentiometric method for measuring conductivity, which incorporates a series of four stainless steel rings formed into the probe shaft. This design completely eliminates polarization, which occurs with the 2-plates amperometric method. Furthermore, without polarization the probe can measure a wider range of conductivity values because it does not suffer from electrolysis. The STCON3 conductivity probe has a built-in temperature sensor which is 30kΩ.

The newest conductivity probe to join the Starter Series is a 2-pole potentiometric probe, STCON7. STCON7 is especially designed for low conductivity measurements in mediums such as pure or distilled water. With a built-in 30KΩ temperature sensor, it performs automatic temperature compensation.

Part Number: 30468962
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Model :STCON3 IP67
Conductivity Range :70 µS/cm to 200 mS/cm (0.5% Accuracy); 2 μS/cm to 70μS/cm (1% to 5% Accuracy)
Temperature Range :0 to 50 ˚C
Cable Length :3 m
Connection :IP67 LTW
Dimensions OD x L :14 x 130 mm