Ohaus Frontier™ 5000 Series Micro Centrifuges - 30130867

Ohaus Frontier™ FC5515 Micro Centrifuges deliver high-speed operation for a range of essential lab applications, such as DNA/RNA preparation, ultrafiltration, and more. Biocontainment rotors enable research involving hazardous samples. Engineered with convenience of operation in mind, these centrifuges feature an intuitive interface, with all key parameters immediately accessible for observation and adjustment. The compact design saves valuable bench space in the lab.

Excellent functionality when used with rotors compatible with 1.5/2.0ml or 5ml microtubes with high throughput & biocontainment options, spin columns, PCR strips, cryo tubes & hematocrit capillaries.

Designed for ease of operation, Frontier Micro centrifuges feature convenient controls on an intuitive interface, allowing responsive operation – even when wearing gloves.

Packaging all their functionality within a small footprint, Frontier Micro centrifuges save valuable space on the lab bench.

Easy-to-use control panel

  • Easy-to-turn rotary knob for parameter adjustments
  • Waterproof keypad provides protection that helps significantly increase the lifespan of the product
  • One-touch toggling between speed, g-force, and temperature controls (R model only)
  • LCD display which projects information in real-time
  • View and adjust user parameters from the main screen; no need to navigate through sub-screens

High performance driven by sophisticated technology

  • Powerful induction motor reaches speeds up to 15,200 rpm in less than 16 seconds
  • 10 acceleration/deceleration settings
  • 99 memory sets for commonly-used speed, time, and temperature settings (FC5515R only)
  • FC5515R has refrigeration capabilities from 40° C to -20° C - Cools down from 23° C to 4° C in less than 10 minutes. Pre-cool feature quickly lowers the temperature of rotor and chamber before a run

Safety features that prevent injury

  • Motorized lid-locking system prevents centrifuge from opening during operation
  • Rotor imbalance sensing system stops the motor should the rotors become imbalanced, protecting the user from spinning rotors

Flexibility for varied centrifugation needs

  • Maximum capacity of 44 x 1.5/2 ml and 12 x 5 ml tubes
  • Only centrifuge in its class compatible with 6 rotors (7 rotors on FC5515 model), including a PCR strip tube rotor
  • The most economical centrifuge on the market to include a unique 5 ml tube rotor
  • The signature snap-on rotor and lid locking system allows for quick installation of rotors with just one press of a button
Part number: 30130867
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Model :FC5515
Temperature Range :N/A
Speed Range :200 to 15,200 rpm
Maximum RCF :21,953 x g
Maximum Capacity (Rotor) :44 x 1.5/2.0 ml; 12 x 5 ml
Running Time :10 seconds to 99 hours 99 minutes 59 seconds or continuous
Noise Level :≤60 + 2 dB(A)
Power :120 V/50 to 60 Hz
Weight :38 lbs / 17 kg