Ohaus AquaSearcher™ AB23PH Basic Benchtop pH Meter

Designed with a large LCD Display and six instructional menu buttons, AB23PH is a simple and straightforward pH meter. Auto buffer recognition and 3-point calibration capability ensures a reliable calibration result. Stand-alone holder increases the flexibility for routine experiments, and makes AB23PH a perfect space saving bench meter for your lab. A 99-item memory for pH measurements ensures efficient data documentation.

With an intuitive design and auto buffer recognition, AB23PH is an easy and straightforward meter for pH measurement.

Large bright LCD display with complete measurement information simplifies operation and allows you to monitor the results from a distance.

Featuring a compact stand-alone electrode holder, AB23PH increases the flexibility of experiments and fits ideally in any lab.

Part NumberModelpH RangepH ResolutionpH AccuracyIncludesPrice
30589820 AB23PH -B0.00 to 14.00 pH0.01 pH±0.01 pHMeter, Stand-Alone Electrode Holder$601.92
30589821 AB23PH-F0.00 to 14.00 pH0.01 pH±0.01 pHMeter, Stand-Alone Electrode Holder, ST320 pH Electrode, pH Buffer Mini Kits (4 × 50ml)$686.40