Ohaus Achiever™ 5000 Overhead Stirrers

Ohaus Achiever 5000™ Overhead Stirrers are designed for powerful, precise stirring, safety and simplicity in all applications. The sealed design has an IP54 rating and ensures safe mixing performance even in the most demanding applications. The keyless chuck and software-controlled speed ramping provide easy set up and safe stirring to protect the sample and user. Select from five models with up to 200 Ncm torque and up to 100 L volume capacity.
Powerful mixing and constant speed is assured with the brushless motor and torque compensation technology - delivering accurate, controlled stirring of viscous liquids with quiet operation.

Simplify set up with the Keyless Chuck - no tools required. Change shafts quickly and easily with one handed operation. This unique design will save time and effort for everyone in the lab.

Designed for safety. The lock button prevents accidental speed changes and the motor’s overload sensing technology simply shuts off stirring before an overload condition occurs to protect the sample.

Compact and easy to use. Simple knob control combined with the bright digital display allows for precise setting and monitoring. Customize for your application with over 12 accessories.

Part NumberModelSpeed RangeCapacityMaximum ViscosityMaximum TorquePrice
30586763 e-A51ST02030 to 2000 rpmUp to 25 L10,000 cP (mPa)20 Ncm$1,866.48
30586764 e-A51ST04030 to 2000 rpmUp to 25 L25,000 cP (mPa)40 Ncm$2,075.04
30586765 e-A51ST06030 to 2000 rpmUp to 40 L50,000 cP (mPa)60 Ncm$2,346.96
30586766 e-A51ST10030 to 1300 rpmUp to100 L70,000 cP (mPa)100 Ncm$3,063.72
30586767 e-A51ST2006 to 400 rpm (I); 30 to 2000 rpm (II)Up to100 L100,000 cP (mPa)200 Ncm$3,259.08