New Era Syringe Pump Cables - OEM-NET

RS-232 Pump To PC Primary Network Cable : Allows for full control of the pump from a computer. DB-9 adapter connects to 9-pin serial port (25-pin adapters available upon request). Attaches to RS-232 communications port of pump. Available in 7 or 25 ft.

RS-232 to USB Converter : Adds an RS-232 serial port to your computer by attaching to a USB port. Attaches to RS-232 Primary Network Cable (CBL-PC-PUMP-7). Includes software driver CD. 

RS-232 Pump Network Secondary Cable : Allows networking of two or more pumps or other device to a single computer port. Requires first device to be connected with Primary Network Cable. Utilizes the RS-232 communications port of device. Available in 7 or 25 ft.

RS-232 Pump Synchronization Cable : Model CBL-DUAL-3 is used for setting up a continuous infusion system, dual infusion system, or one of the many other advanced multi-pump automation modes. Establishes a communications link between two pumps using the RS-232 serial ports on the pumps. Available in 3½ ft.

TTL Dual Pump Synchronization Cable : Used for setting up basic modes of dual pump systems. Synchronizes pumping direction of two pumps so that they change directions, start, and stop as one system. Utilizes the TTL logic port on pump. Available in 7 ft. 

US Power Supply 12VDC 1A, Pump to PC Network Cable (For NE-5XX OEM models only) : For interactive communications or uploading of programs to an OEM syringe pump from a computer. Includes: Power supply, Pump-to-PC RS-232 primary network cable (CBL-PC-PUMP-7), RS-232 to USB converter cable (CBL-USB232), and user manual.

US Power Supply 12VDC 1A with Secondary Cable (For NE-5XX OEM models only) : For networking an OEM syringe pump's communications through another pump. Includes Power supply and secondary cable (CBL-NET-7) only. Use one additional OEM-NET for each additional pump added to the network.

100FT DB9 Male To Female Extender Cable : 100 foot extension cable for TTL logic port. Works with foot switch, hand pendant, BNC trigger cable.

Part number: OEM-NET
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Description :US Power Supply 12VDC 1A with Secondary Cable