New Era Miscellaneous Accessories - FW-5-X

X Firmware Advanced Features Upgrades : Smooth linear increasing or decreasing gradient. Set the starting rate, ending rate, and the time. Pre-program multiple gradients plus any other NE-1000 programming feature. Additional programming functions for more advanced programming. 

Continuous NE-1000X: Next Generation Continuous Infusion Syringe Pump System can be created using a dual pump system with an X upgrade in each pump.  

X2 Firmware Advanced Features and Memory Upgrade : Includes all of the features of the X firmware version, plus: increases the maximum number of Programmable Phases: NE-1000 Series Syringe Pumps from 41 to 340 phases and NE-9000 Series Peristaltic Pumps: from 40 to 338 phases.

Dual Pump Plumbing Kit : Used with CBL-DUAL-3 to create the continuous infusion system or dual infusion system. Provides dual check valves for two syringes, withdraw will pull fluid from a reservoir and infusion will output into a separate line. Comes pre-assembled and includes two 50 ml NormJect® Syringes.

Ana-Box Closed Loop Analog Sensor Interface : Varies the pumping rate in proportion to a variable voltage input. Able to maintain a voltage window, ie. - maintain a pressure or pH level. Attaches to any NE-1000 syringe pump or NE-9000 peristaltic pump with an RS-232 interface. Operates stand alone, but can output event data to a computer for data logging. 



Part number: FW-5-X
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Description :X Firmware Advanced Features Upgrade
For Use With :NE-500 Series Models ONLY