MTC Biohazard Bins

The MTC Biohazard BenchBin™ is the personal waste container for every researcher’s workspace. Use with 8.5"×11" autoclave bags to contain biological waste for subsequent processing or forget the autoclave bag and use the BenchBin™ as a waste container for non-hazardous materials. The red cover is easily removed from the inner basin for easy emptying of contents. Perfect for pipette tips, microcentrifuge tubes, and gloves, the BenchBin™ features a push to open/close lid that keeps materials covered and your bench neat.

  • Safely dispose of tips, tubes, gloves, etc
  • Secures and covers hazardous waste
  • Easy push open/close spring lid
  • Compact footprint - 7" x 5" x 7"

MTC Biohazard Floor Bins are perfect for all of the infectious or contaminated waste produced in laboratories on a daily basis. Clearly marked with the international biohazard symbol, there is no need for additional stickers or labels. The foot-pedal operated allows for hand free operation and reduces contamination risks. Notch hooks on the outside of the basket rim make installing bags simple and easy.

  • Touchless foot pedal operated lid
  • Printed biohazard symbol
  • Bag holding notches
Part NumberTypeCapacityDimensions LxWxHPrice
A8401B BenchBin™1.5 L7" x 5" x 7" (18 x 13 x 18 cm)$59.70
A8000B Floor36.4 L10" x 14" x 19" (25 x 36 x 48 cm)$117.81
A8002B Floor118.2 L19" x 19" x 33" (48 x 48 x 84 cm)$283.50