MTC Bio Label Cartridge Cassettes

With 13 available label cassettes, customization is at your fingertips. Choose from multiple colors of tape, including transparent. Four label heights are available for different sized vessels. 6mm tapes are great for tissue culture plates, 12mm tapes are ideal from microtubes, 18mm tapes are ideal for medium vials or tubes, and the extra tall 24mm tapes are ideal for large tubes and flasks. Special “ultra-low” label tapes are also available for storage in -80°C environments or for liquid nitrogen applications.

  • Four label heights: 6mm, 12mm, 18mm, and 24mm
  • Compatible with LinkLabel™ & LABeler™
  • Wide range of colors, including a transparent tape
Part NumberTypeWidthLengthColourPrice
L9010-6WK Regular6 mm26'White w/black print$40.77
L9010-6CK Regular6 mm26'Clear w/black print$42.28
L9010-12WK Regular12 mm26'White w/black print$45.30
L9010-12CK Regular12 mm26'Clear w/black print$48.31
L9010-12YK Regular12 mm26'Yellow w/black print$37.75
L9010-12RW Regular12 mm26'Red w/white print$37.75
L9010-12BW Regular12 mm26'Blue w/white print$37.75
L9010-12GW Regular12 mm26'Green w/white print$37.75
L9010-18WK Regular18 mm26'White w/black print$43.03
L9010-24WK Regular24 mm26'White w/black print$55.88
L9010-24CK Regular24 mm26'Clear w/black print$61.91
L9010-12ULT Ultra Low Temp12 mm20'White w/black print$42.28
L9010-24ULT Ultra Low Temp24 mm20'White w/black print$61.91