LactiCheck™ Milk Analyzer Accessories - 70L013

LactiCal™ Calibration Controls

Giving you a measure of confidence in your composition test results, the independently certified LactiCal™ Calibration Controls provide a wide range of options (from skim milk to cream)! These easy to use, shelf-stable calibration controls are now available in 5 different composition configurations including skim milk, 1% fat, 2% fat, whole milk and half & half).

Assayed values for fat, SNF, total solids, true protein, total protein & lactose.

Cleaning Solute Concentrate

Enzymatic alkaline cleaning solvent makes 2.5L (84.5oz) of ready-to-use cleaning solution for the LactiCheck™ Milk Analyzer (makes enough solution for ~100 cleaning cycles).

Sample Vials (20 ml)

7 dram (20ml) vials w/caps for use in the LactiCheck™ Milk Analyzer.

Part number: 70L013
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Description :LactiCal™-L Low Fat Calibration Control (>0.5% Milk Fat), 230 ml