Globe Scientific ½" x 500" Labeling Tape

From labeling test tubes to laboratory wraps, color-coding tape is essential!

  • Strong and durable
  • Oil resistant
  • Acid resitant
  • Waterproof
  • Withstands temperatures from -23°C to +121°C (-10°F to +250°F)
  • Can be written on with pen, pencil or permanent marker without smearing
  • Available in 26 colours
  • Made in the USA

* Assorted Colours consists of 24 rolls:  5 White, 4 Yellow,  3 Blue, 3 Green,  3 Orange, 3 Pink,  3 Red

Part NumberColourQuantityPrice
LT-05X500W WhitePack/6$36.75
LT-05X500Y YellowPack/6$36.75
LT-05X500G GreenPack/6$36.75
LT-05X500R RedPack/6$36.75
LT-05X500N OrangePack/6$36.75
LT-05X500B BluePack/6$36.75
LT-05X500P PinkPack/6$36.75
LT-05X500T TanPack/6$36.75
LT-05X500S SalmonPack/6$36.75
LT-05X500C CopperPack/6$36.75
LT-05X500RS RosePack/6$36.75
LT-05X500V VioletPack/6$36.75
LT-05X500L LavenderPack/6$36.75
LT-05X500GY GreyPack/6$36.75
LT-05X500LM LimePack/6$36.75
LT-05X500A AquaPack/6$36.75
LT-05X500CH ChartreusePack/6$36.75
LT-05X500GL GoldPack/6$36.75
LT-05X500SL SilverPack/6$36.75
LT-05X500M MagentaPack/6$36.75
LT-05X500DKR Dark RedPack/6$36.75
LT-05X500MR MaroonPack/6$36.75
LT-05X500BR BrownPack/6$36.75
LT-05X500DKB Dark BluePack/6$36.75
LT-05X500DKG Dark GreenPack/6$36.75
LT-05X500BK BlackPack/6$36.75
LT-05X500RW Assorted Colours*Pack/24$145.95