Euromex Delphi-X Observer Compound Microscope

The Euromex Delphi-X Observer Compound Microscope is a state-of-the-art microscope for advanced life science applications. Outstanding optical performance with 25mm field of view and high numerical aperture of the Plan 60mm parfocal EIS objectives enable perfect observations, color rendering at high resolving power.

  • Trinocular model
  • Sextuple reversed nosepiece with slot for optional DIC prism(s)
  • Super wide field SWF 10x/25mm eyepieces, Ø 30mm tubes
  • Enhanced infinity corrected EIS optical system
  • 60mm parfocal plan EIS objectives
  • M25 objective thread mounting
  • 3W NeoLED™ illumination
  • 190x152mm. XY 78x32mm, scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass stage
  • Differential Interference Contrast (DIC)
  • iCare sensor for energy saving
  • Integrated carrying grip and tool holder
  • CE certified
  • 10-year warranty

The 200mm focal length tube lens reduces the angle of the light rays passing the optics resulting in a significantly improved chromatic aberration corrections and contrast. The larger diameter objectives enable higher numerical apertures improving the overall resolving power of the optical system.

The Delphi-X Observer can be supplied with one trinocular and one binocular head in a face-to-face configuration allowing simultaneous observation by two operators. The main trinocular head is equipped with Super Wide Field SWF 10x/25mm eyepieces and the second head with Extended Wide Field EWF 10x/22mm eyepieces.

Hospitals, medical centers and universities appreciate the unique Delphi-X Observer multi-head systems. The high-quality images can be simultaneously observed by up to 10 colleagues or students at the same time. All systems are equipped with a dual color (green or red) laser pointer that allows the main user to point out areas of interest across the entire field of view for all heads by using the built-in joystick.

Attribute nameAttribute value


Head :Trinocular 30º Siedentopf. 47-78mm interpupillary, +/-5mm adjustment on both eyepieces tube. Vertical tuve light path 100/0 - 80/20 - 0/100
Eyepiece :SWF10x/25mm
Objective :Plan Achromatic 4x/0.10, 10x/0.25, 20x/0.40 and S40x/0.65 oil immersion infinity corrected EIS objectives
Condenser :Height adjustment ABBE swing-out A.N. 0,90/1.25 iris diaphragm and slot for sliders (PH or DF)
Illumination :3W NeoLed™ Koehler and push-in/out neutral density filter