Euromex Delphi-X Inverso Inverted Microscope

The Delphi-X Inverso Inverted Microscope is for professionals with demanding applications of living cell cultures and stained samples. Phase Contrast plus DIC (Differential Interference Contrast) Equipment provides enhanced contrast and enables detailed imaging of challenging samples, such as transparent or low-contrast specimens. It empowers you to observe living cells and tissues with exceptional clarity and precision. Super contrast Semi-Apochromatic objectives with collar adjustment ring (20x, S40x) assure perfect observation of cells or tissues in 1.2mm thick Petri dishes or flasks. 

  • Observation of tissue cultures, living cells
  • Extra 1.5x lens changer to increase 1.5 the magnification
  • Brightfield, phase contrast
  • Long working distance IOS plan semi apochromatic objectives
  • 5W LED illumination
  • Easy placement of large objects
  • DIC (differential interference contrast, optional)
  • Revolving sextuple nosepiece
  • Backwards tilting condenser arm
  • CE certified
  • 10-Year warranty
Part number: EDI-1053-PLPHFI
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Head :Trinocular 45º inclined. 47-78mm interpupillary. Diopter adjustment on both eye tubes
Eyepiece :HWF plan 10x/25mm
Objective :Plan phase Fluarex™ PLPHFi 10x/0.30, 20x/0.45, S40x/0.60 IOS objectives
Condenser :Rotating N.A. 0.55 condenser, iris diaphragm and PH rings for 10/20 and 40. Three filter holders. Tilting arm to backwards.
Illumination :5W LED