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Eisco Narrow Mouth Erlenmeyer Flasks

Eisco Narrow Mouth Erlenmeyer Flasks are made from high quality hand blown premium borosilicate 3.3 glass and are autoclavable with superior chemical durability. Low temperature gradient - can withstand high temperatures & thermal shocks.

  • Sharp white enamel graduations
  • DIN ISO 1773 standard
  • Strain Point: -515°C
  • Annealing Point: 565°C
  • Softening Point: 820°C
Part NumberCapacityPrice
CH0424A 10 ml$11.48
CH0424B 25 ml$7.26
CH0424C 50 ml$7.39
CH0424D 100 ml$8.36
CH0424E 150 ml$10.30
CH0424F 250 ml$13.33
CH0424G 500 ml$19.98
CH0424H 1000 ml$35.68
CH0424I 2000 ml$70.84
CH0424J 3000 ml$182.38
CH0424K 5000 ml$229.90