Constant Systems Continuous Flow Cell Disruptor - CF1

The CF Cell Disruptor offers Continuous Flow Processing with two models, the CF1 and CF2. Both models offer the same process and differ only by process speed, the CF1 offers up to 6L per hour and the CF2 offers up to 24L per hour processing rates. Both models benefit from a HMI control, a maximum process pressure of 40kpsi (2700 bar), integrated sample cooling jacket, 200ml inlet reservoir (hopper), auto shut down feature for when the process is complete and both models take advantage of Constant Systems precise and consistent hydraulic control which is fully scaleable through the whole product range from 0.5ml single preparation processing to large volume processing at 150L per hour. This precise control ensures that the entire sample is processed at the operators set pressure to ensure accurate and consistent results and in most cases a single process or pass is adequate meaning multiple passes are not required. Both models are capable of processing fluid or re-suspended sample types and are utilised for many sample types such as bacteria, yeast and algae.

  • Simple, quick and easy to use
  • No need for compressed air or bottled gas, standard electrical supply required only
  • No need to prime or purge the equipment prior to use. Any air in the system is simply processed at no detrimental effect to the sample or the equipment
  • Design incorporates a stainless steel tray to capture accidental spillage
  • Disruption pressure displayed digitally and is easily and accurately set between 1-40 kpsi
  • Ability to process fluid, re-suspended, viscous, tissue, plant and frozen sample types
  • Collection cups provided can be transferred to and from ice or freezer to aid temperature control of sample
  • Constant Systems precise and consistent hydraulic control ensures that consistency is maintained during each and every process giving you confidence in repeatability with 99% of the sample being processed at the set pressure
  • Fully contained during the process
  • Utilising industry standard media such as Ethanol (70%), Sodium Hydroxide (1 molar) and detergents such as Virkon (1%) the OS models can be easily cleaned using the following methods:
    • Process flow cleaning – simply process cleaning media through the equipment as you would your sample
    • Manual cleaning – All product path components can easily be dismantled for autoclaving or manual cleaning
  • Product path materials are industry standard Stainless Steel 316L and F51 duplex or equivalent, EPDM, GLFPTFE & PEEK 450G ensuring that all sample types and industry standard cleaning media can be processed as standard

CF1 Model

At approximately 700mm² the CF1 is small enough to bench mount if required but is best suited when used on its tailor made trolley. The CF1 trolley ensures that the equipment is situated at its optimum working height and is mounted on full swivel and lockable casters that enables safe and free movement of the equipment when needed. The CF1 is recommended for process volumes in the range of 15ml through to 10L. For those processing larger volumes in this range then the CF1 can be offered with an integrated peristaltic pump fully controlled through the HMI which will ensure that the inlet reservoir is continually fed whilst recirculating the sample to help avoid any settling until the entire sample is processed.

CF2 Model

With a footprint of approximately 700mm² the CF2 is a floor standing model that is recommended for process volumes from 15ml through to 100L. The CF2 is offered with an integrated peristaltic pump as standard. The CF2 is mounted on full swivel and lockable castors that enables safe and free movement of the equipment when needed.

Part number: CF1
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Maximum Pressure :40 kpsi (2700 bar)
Volume :15 ml to 10 L
Dead Loss Volume :2 ml
Dimensions LxWxH :605 x 700 x 740 mm
Weight :130 kg