Caframo Accessories - SW4

A600SET High Speed Collet Set: Achieve greater stability stirring at speeds 1800-6000 rpm. Set includes collet, 16 mm 440 stainless steel shaft with an end turned down to 8 mm, and three impeller 316 stainless steel blades with 8 mm bores. Shaft and blades have polished finish. Set includes straight blade A163, dispersion blade A164, and pitched blade propeller A165. Tools and hardware are included for installation to a 13 mm motor output shaft of overhead stirrer. To be used with BDC3030 or BDC6015 overhead stirrers.

S100 BDC250 Impeller Set: Shaft and impeller blades to fit collet of BDC250 stirrer, all electropolished 316L stainless steel. Includes one radial blade and one axial blade and interchangeable set screw. Is included in BDC250 stirrer package.

CG1 Chuck Guard: Implement safety with a quick snap of this clear polyurethane chuck guard to the stirrer housing. Creates barrier around moving chuck, as well as protects chuck from chemical splashes. Use with overhead stirrers BDC1850, BDC3030, and BDC6015.  Easy to attach and remove.

13CKEY Chuck Key Only: Chuck key from 13CSET. Firmly tightens the chuck to secure the mixing shaft in place, and loosens chuck for quick removal or adjustment of impeller. Includes 2.5 mm hex tool for installation and removal of chuck from stirrer’s output shaft for cleaning or replacement.

13CSET Chuck Set Model: Chuck is used with Caframo High Torque and Compact overhead stirrers, accepting impeller shafts up to 10 mm diameter. Chuck key includes hex tool for removal from stirrer’s output shaft for cleaning or replacement. Through shaft capability allows for easy adjustment of impeller height. Compatible with Caframo chuck guard CG1.

SW4 Sweep Blade: Maximize the stirring results of Caframo’s U044 anchor impeller with the sweep blade accessory. Effectively move viscous product from vessel walls back to the centre for thorough mixing. The Silicone SCX 0570 is compliant with FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 and resilient to stir batches with viscosities up to 38,000 mPas. Compatible with a standard 4 L beaker for continuous sweeping while stirring. Ideal for formulating creams and lotions. Comes as a package of 6 (3 pairs). Please note a vessel clamp is required.

Part number: SW4
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For Use With :U044 anchor impeller