Assistent Improved Neubauer Counting Chambers - 40442012

Assistent Improved Neubauer Counting Chambers consist of 9 large squares of 1mm each (total area of ruling 9mm2). The central square of 1mm2 contains 25 squares of 16 mini-squares 0.05 x 0.05mm each, and 0.1mm deep.

The rulings of the bright-line counting chamber are the same as the standard counting chamber, however they are engraved with a dark, extremely thin, semi-transparent layer coating of metalized rhodium. The engraved lines stand out brightly from the dark area. In the bright-line counting chamber, due to the transparency, the corpuscles appear three dimensional, enabling a more accurate count.

Includes two Hemacytometer Cover Glasses that are made from high precision glass, optically plane on both sides. They measure 20 x 26mm, and 0.4mm thick.

Part number: 40442012
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Description :Bright-Line Counting Chamber