Air Science Purair® FLOW Laminar Flow Hoods

Air Science Purair® FLOW Laminar Flow Hoods

Air Science Purair® FLOW Laminar Flow Hoods are compact and are ideal for use in laboratory environments where space is limited. They are designed to use HEPA filtration to protect equipment and other contents of the work zone from particulates.

  • Vertical laminar airflow with HEPA/ULPA filtration protects materials inside the cabinet from particulates
  • High efficiency ebm-papst centrifugal fan
  • Air cleanliness meets and exceeds ISO Class 5
  • Energy saving LED lighting
  • Large front opening provides unrestricted access to the work zone

The Purair FLOW Series product line employs the Air Science exclusive Multiplex™ HEPA Filtration technology to sustain a contamination-free environment. HEPA filtered air passes uniformly through the cabinet interior via vertical laminar flow. The airflow is oriented to prevent introduction of airborne particulates during normal use.

It is ideal for pharmacy compounding of non-toxic agents, assembly of finely tuned instrumentation, cell culture and other processes where protection of the user is not required but easy access to the work surface is important. ISO Class 5 air quality is maintained through a downward laminar flow that provides gentle airflow throughout the cabinet. The clean, simple, low maintenance design offers a comfortable workstation for a range of applications and may be bench mounted or positioned on a mobile bench.

Air Science FLOW cabinets are expertly designed to meet specific applications and certified for quality construction. Standard features, options and accessories are developed purposefully to enhance user-friendliness.

Performance - The Air Science Multiplex filter offers a range of options for high performance protection. Multiplex filter configuration permits a customized combination of filter media for a broad range of chemical families and biological agents if required. Purair FLOW cabinets maintain an average airflow velocity of 0.30 m/s (60 fpm) at initial setpoint, measured 6" (150 mm) from the filter face. The HEPA filters are easy to replace; no tools required.

Design - Professional quality Air Science cabinets comply with current technical and safety regulations. The cabinet frame and work surfaces, comprised of industrial components, are durable and chemically resistant with a microbial powder finish coating. The Air Science filter assembly is easy to access, easy to change, plus a unique filter clamping design eliminates bypass leakage of the main filter. Stackable sections make cabinets highly portable and enable quick setup.

Selection - Purair FLOW cabinets are available in three model sizes with various options. Designed for desktop use, or for installation on an optional base stand or mobile cart.

Reliability - Purair FLOW cabinets incorporate energy-efficient centrifugal blowers for maximum operational savings, low noise and minimal vibration. Air Science uses long-life HEPA filters without aluminum separators to increase filter efficiency, minimize the potential for leakage and increase filter life.

Control - The basic control panel features an On/Off switch for simple operation of the blower and light.

Part NumberInternal Dimensions LxWxHExternal Dimensions LxWxHPrice
FLOW-24 24" × 22.5" × 23.5" / 610 × 571 × 596 mm24" x 24" x 35" / 610 x 610 x 889 mm$3,221.50
FLOW-36 36" × 22.5" × 23.5" / 914 × 571 × 596 mm36" x 24" x 35" / 914 x 610 x 889 mm$3,731.50
FLOW-48 48" × 22.5" × 23.5" / 1219 × 571 × 596 mm48" x 24" x 35" / 1219 x 610 x 889 mm$4,241.50