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A&D Newton EJ Series Portable Balances

A&D Newton EJ Series Portable Balances are classic portable balances that saves on space without compromising performance.

  • Portable on-the-go weighing ideal for multi-user applications
  • Industry-leading 5 year warranty
  • Includes AC adapter

Flexible and Practical

  • SG weighing technology offers performance and a wide range but keeps it lightweight & affordable
  • Quick 5-button operation to access unit toggle, zero/tare, print and set pcs samples
  • User friendly indicators: Stability icon, zero & net icon, front level bubble, 16mm character backlit LCD, battery life icon
  • Easy to clean stainless steel weigh pan, ABS plastic housing and security slot for lock down capability
  • AC & battery operation versatility for a variety of settings but lends for easy pick-up, re-locate and storage options

Helpful Functions

  • Feel assured that you will get quick, reliable results in any given unpredictable environment or sample with our stability honing feature
  • Smartly optimize counting accuracy with "ACAI" that auto improve accuracy throughout your counting procedure
  • Be confident and avoid recording fumbles with display hold features
  • Reduce risk and save yourself from procedural or transfer errors in sample preparation steps with M+ function
  • External Calibration switch and gravity acceleration correction keeps you accurate and precise

Easy Upgrades

  • Quick interface plug-ins to address all your RS-232C and USB (unidirectional) communication needs
  • Antistatic breeze break (draft shield) not only protects but mitigates draft
  • Specialty applications: we've got you covered with underhook weighing and density determination kit
Part NumberCapacityReadabilityPan SizePrice
EJ-54D2 22 / 52 g0.0002 / 0.001 gØ50 mm$938.23
EJ-123 120 g0.001 gØ110 mm$713.83
EJ-303 310 g0.001 gØ110 mm$730.33
EJ-120 120 g0.01 gØ110 mm$355.78
EJ-200 210 g0.01 gØ110 mm$436.63
EJ-300 310 g0.01 gØ110 mm$505.93
EJ-410 210 g0.01 gØ110 mm$552.13
EJ-610 610 g0.01 gØ110 mm$626.25
EJ-1202 1200 g0.01 g127 x 140 mm$759.90
EJ-3002 3100 g0.01 g127 x 140 mm$862.33
EJ-1500 1500 g0.1 g127 x 140 mm$355.78
EJ-2000 2100 g0.1 g127 x 140 mm$444.33
EJ-3000 3100 g0.1 g127 x 140 mm$511.72
EJ-4100 4100 g0.1 g127 x 140 mm$580.05
EJ-6100 6100 g0.1 g127 x 140 mm$620.33