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Ohaus Achiever™ 5000 Overhead Stirrer Accessories - 30586780


All blades and shafts constructed of 316 stainless steel.

  • 30586775 Anchor - Suitable for medium or high viscosity materials. Should be used at low speeds for high viscosity materials.
  • 30586776 Fixed Blade - Good for high speed, low viscosity mixing. Can create a vortex.
  • 30586777 Floating Blade - Good for narrow neck vessels.
  • 30586778 Folding Blade - Good for narrow neck vessels.
  • 30586779 Paddle, 6 Holes - For use at low to medium speeds. Ideal for gentle mixing.
  • 30586780 Propeller - Can be used at high speed with medium or high viscosity materials. Excellent mixing properties for homogenization and suspensions.
  • 30586781 Turbine - Teeth break down agglomerations to help with dispersion. Provides very high shear.
  • 30586782 Turbo Propeller - Ring protects dip tubes or sensors in vessel.
Part Number: 30586780
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Description :Propeller
Flow :Axial
Stir Speed :250 to Max rpm
Viscosity :0 to 10,000 cP
Dimensions :Shaft: 400 mmL x Ø7 mm; Blade: 60 x 9 mm