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Benchmark Scientific Overhead Stirrer Accessories

Rods and propellers are constructed of either 316 stainless stell or PTFE-coated. All accessories listed fit Benchmark OS-20L and OS-40L Overhead Stirrers.

IPS2050-P-T1 and IPS2050-P-S1 One Line Propeller:  Useful for low viscosity, mid or high speed mixing.  

IPS2050-P-T2 and IPS2050-P-S2 Centrifugal Impeller: Perfect for use in small mouth, round flasks, this impeller is designed for mid to high speed mixing.  

IPS2050-P-T3 and IPS2050-P-S3 Paddle w/ Flat Holes: Useful for gentle, mid to low speed mixing, this propeller has 3 holes.

IPS2050-P-T4 and IPS2050-P-S4 4 Arm Propeller: This propeller is useful for mid to high speed mixing. 

Part NumberDescriptionMaterialDimensionsPrice
IPS2050-P-T1 One Line PropellerPTFE-CoatedRod: 350 mm x Ø70 mm; Propeller: Ø6 mm$187.26
IPS2050-P-T2 Centrifugal ImpellerPTFE-CoatedRod: 350 mm x Ø85 mm open; Impeller: Ø6 mm$187.26
IPS2050-P-T3 Paddle w/ Flat HolesPTFE-CoatedRod: 350 mm x Ø68 mm; Propeller: Ø6 mm$187.26
IPS2050-P-T4 4 Arm PropellerPTFE-CoatedRod: 350 mm x Ø65 mm; Propeller: Ø6 mm$187.26
IPS2050-P-S1 One Line Propeller316 Stainless SteelRod: 400 mm x Ø60 mm; Propeller: Ø8 mm$119.90
IPS2050-P-S2 Centrifugal Impeller316 Stainless SteelRod: 400 mm x Ø90 mm open; Impeller: Ø8 mm$119.90
IPS2050-P-S3 Paddle w/ Flat Holes316 Stainless SteelRod: 400 mm x Ø68 mm; Propeller: Ø8 mm$119.90
IPS2050-P-S4 4 Arm Propeller316 Stainless SteelRod: 400 mm x Ø50 mm; Propeller: Ø8 mm$119.90