H-B Instrument Enviro-Safe® FRIO-Temp® Precision Verification Glass Thermometers

To verify sample temperatures in freezers, refrigerators, incubators and ovens with traceability to NIST, DKD/PTB and most standards through ILAC.

Enviro-Safe® liquid is EnviroKleen™ certified by ChemTel, an independent laboratory, same accuracy as similar mercury types, but without the hazards.

Each item features fluoropolymer coating for safety, individual serial numbers and a multi-language Statement of Accuracy indicating accuracy traceable to NIST and DKD/PTB. Tested and calibrated in our exclusive triple accredited/registered ISO/IEC 17025:2005, A2LA accredited laboratory against equipment whose calibration is traceable to NIST.

Ideal for chemical industry, petro chemistry, pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic, producers of chemicals, university, dairies, breweries, distillers, beer cellars, refrigeration house, hot houses, scientific institutes, blood banks, refrigeration/freezer/incubator/oven equipment producers and producers of laboratory equipment.

 Type  Bottle Fill
 Range  Divisions  Accuracy  Length  Part Number
 Blood Bank  Enviro-Safe® Liquid  -5 to 20°C  0.5°C  ±0.5°C  135mm  20717T  $101.30
 Freezer  -30 to 1°C  135mm  20715T  $102.92
 Refrigerator  -5 to 15°C
 125mm  20700T  $110.21
 Incubator  10 to 45°C
 20705T  $113.45
 Incubator  15 to 50°C
 135mm  20720T  $115.89
 Oven  Glass Beads  20 to 130°C  1°C  ±1°C  145mm  20730T  $102.92
 Oven  50 to 200°C  2°C  ±2°C; ±4° >130°C  145mm  20735T  $124.80

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