Sieve Shakers

WS Tyler test sieve shakers were designed for functional use, providing reliable, accurate and consistent particle analysis service. The units require little maintenance and all operate on 110 or 220 voltage. Each unit is serialized, allowing for complete traceability. The Ro-Tap®, first produced in 1917, remains the "industry standard" in many industries.

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WS Tyler Ro-Tap® RX-29 and RX-30 Test Sieve Shakers

The industry standard in test sieve shakers, WS Tyler’s Ro-Tap® has a unique two-dimensional operation: a horizontal, circular motion and a vertical, tapping motion.
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WS Tyler Ro-Tap® RX-29-E Electronic Test Sieve Shakers

The Ro-Tap® RX-29-E electronic test sieve shaker operates with 8" diameter test sieves and offers precise sieving results.
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WS Tyler Ro-Tap® RX-94 Test Sieve Shaker

The Ro-Tap® RX-94 test sieve shaker utilizes the same traditional design as the RX-29 and RX-30 models. In addition, the unit features a cavity that allows for two "stacks" of 8" diameter test sieves.
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WS Tyler Ro-Tap® Sound Enclosure Cabinets and Test Stand

WS Tyler Ro-Tap® sound enclosure cabinets are designed to be used exclusively with Ro-Tap® sieve shakers, operating noise levels are reduced from approximately 85 dB to 60 dB.
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WS Tyler RX-812 Coarse Test Sieve Shaker

Designed to be used in coarse testing applications, the affordable RX-812 coarse sieve shaker has unique capability of using both 8" and 12" diameter test sieves, simply by using the quick-change adapters provided.