Atago ES-421 Digital Salt Meter

The ES-421 digital salt meter is a revolutionary new way to evaluate salt content through conductivity.  Since the ES-421 uses no reagent, there is no hazardous waste to dispose of, and, it is safe to use on the production line.  Improved efficiency is guaranteed when used together with conventional titration methods.
Employs a funnel-shaped conductivity sensor section which measures the salt % of a sample. A very small sample needed, approximately 1.0ml is enough for a measurement.
  • Measures dilute solutions of soy sauce, ketchup,mayonnaise, Worcester sauce, squeezed juice of pickles, etc.
  • Improved durability with titanium electrodes and a sample stage made out of SUS316L
  • Equipped with a backlight to produce an even brighter, easier to read display

 Range  0.00 to 10.0% (g/100g) of salt concentration
 Resolution  0.01% for salt concentration of 0.00 to 2.99%
 0.1% for salt concentration of 3.0 to 10.0%
 Accuracy  Displayed value ± 0.05% (from 0.00 to 1.00%)
 Relative precision ±<5% (from 1.00 to 10.0%)
 Measurement Temperature  10 to 40°C ATC
 Power  9V battery (included)
 Dimensions  17 x 9 x 4 cm
 Weight  300g
 Part Number  4210
 Price  $1936.00

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