Ohaus Starter STMICRO Small Diamater Refillable Glass pH Electrodes

Ohaus Starter STMICRO series refillable pH electrodes, suitable for small samples, tubes, and narrow containers. Available in 80mm length/5mm diameter and 150mm length/8mm diameter.

 Model  STMICRO5
 pH Range
 0 to 14 pH
 Temperature Range
 0 to 100°C
 Shaft Material
 Internal Reference Type
 Refillable/Non-Refillable  Refillable
 Reference Junction Type
 Annular Ceramic
 Refilling Reference Electrolyte
 3M KCl Solution
 Dimensions (Shaft)
 80 x 5mm  150 x 8mm
 Cable Length
 Temperature Sensor
 Connector  BNC, Cinch
 Part Number
 30087566  30087569
 Price  $279.51  $300.30

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