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Benchtop pH Meters

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pH Electrodes

Ohaus Starter Electrodes Selector Guide

   ST350  ST320  ST310  ST270  ST260  ST230  ST210  STMICRO8  STMICRO5  STPURE  STSURF
Environmental and Laboratory Samples
 Standard aqueous samples, general purpose (e.g. pH buffers)
 Waste water
 River/lake water
 Swimming pool
 Tap/drinking water
 Pharmaceutical industry water

 Distilled water/pure water
 Education purpose samples
 Strong acid (not HF) or strong base
 Harsh environmental solution (e.g. high temperature or corrosive)
 Drug formulations

 Tris-buffer solutions
 Suspensions (e.g. ink, soil in water)
 Cell culture media
 Small container/tube samples
 Microtube samples
  Food and Beverages etc. (Various Liquid or Semi-Solid Samples)
 Fruits and vegetables

 Soy sauce
 Tea and coffee

  Daily Use Chemical Products
 Pesticide solutions
 Shampoo/shower cream/liquid soap
Surface pH Measurement

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pH Solutions

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pH Test Strips

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Pocket pH Meters

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Portable pH Meters