NeyTech Vulcan Benchtop Muffle Furnaces

Featuring high performance hybrid muffle technology, Vulcan benchtop furnaces are available in three standard muffle sizes and each can be purchased with one of three different controllers:
  • Analog single setpoint controllers are an economical option when rate of temperature climb is not a concern.
  • Digital single setpoint controllers allow the operator to control the rate of temperature climb, and monitor the progress of the program on an easy-to-read, accurate digital display.
  • Three-stage digital programmable models have nine multi-stage programs, a hold temperature program, and a delay start option which allows a program's start time to be delayed for up to seven days.
Each Vulcan is constructed with a heavy gauge steel cabinet finished with durable baked enamel coating. A vertical lift door is standard for operator safety and space conservation.
  • Heats to 1100°C (2012°F)
  • Control option: single point analog, digital or three-stage digital programmable
  • High performance hybrid muffle design for faster heating and cooling than full firebrick
  • Safety designed, vertical lift door saves space and directs heat away from the operator
  • Power door available on model 3-550PD
  • 2-year limited warranty
Power Door Models
You can now concentrate on the task of material handling using both hands. The remote switch closure on the Vulcan 3-550PD sets the standard for safety and convenience.

Venturi Air Exchange Models
Pre-heated air is drawn through the heating chamber using an exclusive air venturi exhaust design. The result is that combustion gases are more rapidly exhausted, increasing combustion uniformity and furnace life. The furnace is designed to meet ASTM D3174 specifications.

 Model  Voltage*  Wattage  Interior Dimensions
 Length  Width  Height  Unit
 A-130  120V  720W  130mm  140mm  120mm  13kg (28lbs)
 16kg (35lbs)
 A-550  120V  1440W  230mm  230mm  180mm  23kg (51lbs)
 28kg (62lbs)
 3-550A  230V  2200W
 A-1750  220-240V  4800W  320mm  360mm  250mm  45kg (100lbs)
 67kg (148lbs)
 3-1750A  230V  4370W
* Other voltages available

Analog Single Setpoint Controller

 Model  Size  Part Number
 A-130  130 cubic inches  9493300  $1884.99
 A-550  550 cubic inches  9493306  $2178.92
 A-1750  1750 cubic inches  9493407  $5005.55

Digital Single Setpoint Controller

 Model  Size  Part Number
 D-130  130 cubic inches  9495120  $2026.35
 D-550  550 cubic inches  9495130  $2315.91
 D-1750  1750 cubic inches  9495140  $5174.65

Three-Stage Digital Programmable Controller

 Model  Size  Part Number
 3-130  130 cubic inches  9493302  $2979.20
 3-550  550 cubic inches  9493308  $3510.00
 3-550PD*  550 cubic inches  9493826  $4185.51
 3-550A**  550 cubic inches  9493985  $4438.78
 3-1750  1750 cubic inches  9493409  $6875.15
 3-1750A**  1750 cubic inches  9493990  $7900.00
* Power door model
** Venturi air exchange models


 Description  Part Number
 Model 130 Hearth Plate
 9353053  $108.30
 Model 550 Hearth Plate  9353057  $133.20
 Model 1750 Hearth Plate  9353060  $335.10

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Analog Single Setpoint Controller
Digital Single Setpoint Controller
Three-Stage Digital Programmable Controller

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