Cellulose Filter Papers

Whatman filter papers are world-renowned as the standard for laboratory filtration and are associated with quality, reliability, and customer service. The familiar Whatman Blue Box is the laboratory benchmark for filtration. Papermaking skills have been developed to the highest level, with the expertize and technology to manufacture innovative multilayer materials.

Whatman offers an extensive line of filter papers. The innovative features of these filters make them the optimum choice for many filtering techniques. Whatman maintains a guaranteed quality, reproducibility, and uniformity for all its filters by using only the highest-quality raw materials. The filters are tested for basic weight, thickness, air flow, and mechanical strength.  In addition, special parameters such as particle retention, wicking rate, filtration performance, and surface characteristics can be measured as needed.

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Whatman Grade 541 Hardened Ashless Quantitative Filter Papers - 22μm

Fast filtration of coarse particles and gelatinous precipitates in acid/alkali solutions during gravimetric analysis.
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Whatman Grade 542 Hardened Ashless Quantitative Filter Papers - 2.7μm

High retention of fine particles under demanding conditions. Slow flow rate. Very hard and strong with excellent chemical resistance. Often used in gravimetric metal determinations.
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