Whirl-Pak® Colour Sterile Sampling Bags

Whirl-Pak® bags with tape colors of white, blue, and red for 4oz (118ml), 18oz (532ml), 24oz (710ml), and 55oz (1,627ml) bags. This exciting new feature allows you to isolate samples according to the colored tape, providing an instant visual indicator for each section of the lab or plant, differentiate between treated and non-treated samples, or keep allergens separated from regular samples

 White Tape
 Part Number
 Blue Tape
 Part Number
 Red Tape
 Part Number
 4 oz
 3" x 7¼"
 B01062(BT)WA  B01062(RT)WA  $83.44 / Pack 500
 18 oz
 4½" x 9"
 B01065(BT)WA  B01065(RT)WA  $123.71 / Pack 500
 24 oz
 6" x 9"
 B01297(BT)WA  B01297(RT)WA  $166.43 / Pack 500
 7½" x 12"
 B01195(BT)WA  B01195(RT)WA  $273.25 / Pack 500

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White Tape
Blue Tape
Red Tape