Whirl-Pak® Black Bags

When it is necessary to protest a sample from light, the Whirl-Pak® Black Bag is specially designed for this application. The polyethylene film is made from pigmented resins so the black colour is an integral part of the bag and not a printed layer. The result is an opaque bag providing maximum protection for samples that are sensitive to light.
  • Ideal for pharmaceuticals, seasonings, flavours, food supplements, vitamins, marine life, and many other liquid or solid products
  • FDA approved for food contact

 Part Number
 Whirl-Pak® Black Bag, 3” x 7¼”, 4oz (118ml)
 $110.22 / Pack 500
 Whirl-Pak® Black Bag, 4½” x 9”, 18oz (523ml)
 $166.76 / Pack 500
 Whirl-Pak® Black Bag, 7½” x 12”, 55oz (1,627ml)  B01558WA
 $285.13 / Pack 250

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