A&D Newton Series Toploading Balances

The Newton series from A&D offers a compact and reliable balance with a 5 year warranty at an affordable price. The Newton series offers 10 balances ranging in capacity from 6100g to a readability of 0.01g, plus 2 all new 1mg models. All models a standard plastic housing with a stainless steel weighing pan and leveling bubble.
  • LCD display with backlight
  • Percentage and counting
  • USB or RS-232 interface optional
  • Battery (4 x AA not included) or AC power
  • Full digital calibration
  • Underhook weighing
  • Specific gravity function
  • Check-weighing capability
  • Security slot to accommodate an anti-theft lock
  • Fast - 1 second response time
  • mg models also feature gravity correction, accumulation function, GLP compliant output and breeze break
  • 5 year warranty

 Capacity  120g  210g  120g  210g  310g  410g  610g
 Readability  0.001g  0.01g
 Repeatability  0.003g  0.01g
 Linearity  ±0.003g  ±0.01g
 Pan Size
 110mm diameter
 Power  AC adapter or 4 x "AA" batteries
 Weight  Approximately 850g
 Part Number
 EJ-123  EJ-303
 EJ-120  EJ-200  EJ-300  EJ-410  EJ-610
 Price  $716.00
 $290.00  $411.00  $480.00  $520.00  $680.00

 Capacity  1500g  2100g  3100g  4100g  6100g
 Readability  0.1g
 Repeatability  0.1g
 Linearity  ±0.1g
 Pan Size
 127mm x 140mm
 Power  AC adapter or 4 x "AA" batteries
 Weight  Approximately 1100g
 Part Number
 EJ-1500  EJ-2000  EJ-3000  EJ-4100  EJ-6100
 Price  $337.00  $400.00  $480.00  $549.00  $612.00


 Description  Part Number
 USB Interface  EJ-02  $110.17
 RS-232 Interface  EJ-03  $96.53
 Underhook for EJ-3000/EJ-4100/EJ-6100  EJ-07  $43.20
 Underhook for EJ-1500/EJ-2000  EJ-08  $54.00
 Breeze Break  EJ-11  $96.53
 Carrying Case  EJ-12  $117.36
 Density Determination Kit for EJ-120/EJ-200/EJ-300/EJ-410/EJ-610  EJ-13  $110.17
 AC Adapter, 120V
 TB:163C  $82.93

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